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We Care For Your Communication : )

Communi-KARE is a private Speech,Hearing and Vestibular clinic, established in Chennai and many other parts of South India, to offer high-quality evidence-based Speech, Hearing and Vestibular Rehabilitaion.

It is one of a very few clinics in the South India which exclusively offers specialist Speech and Swallowing therapy for patients with Swallowing Difficulties using Advanced E-Stim Method.

Our highly specialized Audiologist and Speech Language Pathalogist will carry out a thorough assessment and will provide customized Speech, Language and Vestibular Rehab for patients with Stuttering, Cluttering, Autism, ADHD, CP, Neuro Developmental Disorders, Swallowing Disoders, Voice Problems, Aphasia, Dysarthria, Cognitive Commui cation Disorders, vertigo, dizziness, unsteadiness, and fear of falling caused by Speech, Language Vestibular Impairments


We have a high success rate in diagnosis and treatment of Speech, Language, Hearing and Vestibular Disorders (BPPV).

We are humbled to say that patients come to our Communi-KARE Clinic from hundreds of miles away.


 We provide Hearing Care, Speech & Swallowing therapy, Voice care, Stroke Care, Autism, ADHD, Learning Disability, Balance therapy, Electrical Stimulation for swallow, Tinnitus retraining therapy and all speech and hearing related rehabilitation individually from well trained certified Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist. We assess and treat Hearing, Speech, Swallow, Language and communication problems from all ages and help to become independent. 


We provide services to 



* Pure Tone Audiometry 


* Immittance Audiometry


* Speech Audiometry


* Tinnitus Retraining Therapy


* Digital and Cosmetic Hearing Aids @ Low Cost


* Vestibular Assessment & Rehabilitation


* Listening/Auditory Verbal Training


                                    SPEECH, LANGUAGE AND SWALLOWING




* Learning Disability 


* Language Delay 


* Cleft lip and palate 


* Stammering 


* Autism Spectrum Disorders


* Pronunciation errors 


* Voice 


* Cerebral Palsy 


* Auditory/Listening training following hearing problems.

ADULTs with: 

* Swallowing problem post Stroke


* Neurological/Degenerative disorder like Demantia, Parkinson's Disease 


* Cognitive Communication Disorders


* Speech Therapy post Head and neck Cancer (Laryngectomy/Treachostomy)


* Speech & Language Disorders Following Stroke(Aphasia, Dysarthria, etc.,) 


* Stammering 


* Voice 


* Disorders of Consciousness (DoC)

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